In response to 10 Reasons to Like the Last One Year

10. Nigeria, parents, friends, family…

9. Iyan, amala, ogufe, pepper soup, palm wine, plantain chips, ewedu and gbegiri, egusi

8. France, Jos, Kenya, Ghana, Calabar, Obudu, Abuja, South Africa…

7. An exhibition of photographs.

6. A new academic degree.

5. Agbero, danfo, conductor, go slow, Third Mainland Bridge, Beere-Oje-Agbeni-Ogunpa, Agbowo UI…

4. Sunshine, heat, University swimming pool, rain, mosquito nets, “wetin you carry”, NEPA, sandals.

3. MTN, Multilinks, PHCN, Starcomms, 25-in-one pirated movie DVDs, soccer.

2. Generator, iPnx, KTravula/iGwatala, Twitter, poetry, books, prose, short stories, short films.

1. Freedom 🙂

PS: Happy Birthday Laitan. You are loved dearly. Agba ti n de o. Here’s to let you know how glad I am to have you as a kid sister. Have a splendid year. Love, KT

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