This blog welcomes guest submissions by travellers of all stripes across the world, but particularly across the African landscape. Have you visited any place, of significance, encountered a memory you have carried with you but would like to share, or have written a non-fiction piece about any current or relevant idea, we’d like to read it and feature it on this site. Send them to us. We also publish interviews with notable people in relevant fields.

Send the submissions to

Small Prints

  • We accept unsolicited submissions, but if your submission will be more than 1500 words, do inquire first before you send it.
  • Send in only original pieces. We may publish reprints only in special circumstances.
  • We do not pay for submissions. We have paid for submissions in the past and we may do so still in the future. Feel free to ask, but don’t be disappointed if we say “no”. The blog doesn’t make money.
  • Posts that get accepted faster will be those accompanied by original photos relating to the post. This doesn’t mean that we would reject you if there are no pictures. But if your post can do better with illustrating photos taken by you, it’s better to send them than not.
  • You will own the rights to your work, and you will be free to publish them elsewhere after we’ve used it.

Aside from those hyperlinked above, here are some more old guest posts:

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