WrittenAttempted Speech

  1. Attempted Speech & Other Fatherhood Poems (2015) Chapbook via Saraba Magazine.
  2. Headfirst into the Meddle (2005) Campus Chapbook.


  1. The Sail. Issue 2 (2016) Whitesands School, Lekki.
  2. The Sail. Issue 1 (2015) Whitesands School, Lekki.
  3. Aké Review (2015) Publication of the Aké Arts and Book Festival
  4. Edo North: Field Studies of the Languages and Lands of the Northern Edo (co-edited, 2011) Essays in Honour of Professor Ben O. Elugbe. Zenith Book House.

Other Works in Print

  1. One poem in Aké Review 2016
  2. Two Poems in Yorùbá, English and Italian featured in the Premio Ostana 2016 Prizebook
  3. Two Poems (January, 2005) Sentinel Poetry Quarterly
  4. Behind the Door (2010) Short story in a fiction anthology “African Roar”
  5. Two Poems (2014) in “Footmarks: Poems on One Hundred Years of Nigeria’s Nationhood” Edited by Ezeigbo & Okoli.
  6. For Subsideen the Gnome (2014) Poem in The Moth Issue 17: Summer, 2014

“Headfirst into the Meddle” (2005)


  1. Wetin Dey? Nigerian Pidgin and its Many Pikin  (June, 2016) as preface to Inua Ellams’s play Barber Shop Chronicles. UK National Theatre, London.
  2. A Chapter in Literary Wonderlands (November, 2016)
  3. A Failure All Around (October, 2016) Journalistic feature syndicated with The Guardian.
  4. A Tragedy of Conflicting Interests (October, 2016) Journalistic feature syndicated with The Guardian
  5. Demolishing History (September 2016) Journalistic feature syndicated with The Guardian and Premium Times.
  6. Raising a Bilingual (August 2016) First published on Medium.
  7. Lingua Fracas” as a Positive (June 2016) Op-ed in Premium Times
  8. Foreword to Yẹmí Adésànyà’s Musings of a Tangled Tongue (April, 2016)
  9. My Indigenous Language Interest is Abiding (February, 2016) WeTheHumanities blog
  10. Class Sessions (September, 2015) nonfiction in Jalada Magazine’s Language Issue.
  11. On the Limitation of English in Research (March, 2015) Tweets at WeTheHumanities/Storify
  12. How Native is the Native Speaker? (March, 2015) Collected tweets at WeTheHumanities/Storify
  13. Speaking in Many Tongues (February, 2015) Guest post for Write Paragraphs
  14. Foreword to Fìyìnfólúwa Ọnàrìndé’s Market Parliament & Other Poems  (February 2015)
  15. Abẹ́òkuta’s Living History (April, 2014) Journalistic feature
  16. Naming Names with a Web Dictionary (January, 2015) Guest post for Capital Square
  17. Waiting for Caine 2013 (July, 2013) at NTLitMag
  18. Saving the Words” (December 3, 2010) The Leadership Newspaper
  19. Blogging and Other Botherations (December, 2010) Saraba Magazine Issue 7b
  20. “Speaking the Machine: A Personal Narrative of a Translation Experience” (2005) In Farafina Magazine Issue #12

Reviews/Criticismliterary wonderlands

  1. On JP’s America“: Review of America their America by JP Clark (July, 2017)
  2. Ngugi’s Tribute to Memory“: Review of memoir by Ngugi wa Thiong’o (June 26, 2017)
  3. “Soft Notes and Love Notes”: Review of Taduno’s Song (June 11, 2017)
  4. Dystopia in Many Words“: Review of Lauren Beukes’ Slipping (May 15, 2017)
  5. Art Chasing Life Blatantly“: Review of Chibundu Onuzo’s Welcome to Lagos (February 20, 2017)
  6. A Book for the Tasting“: A Review of Yẹ́misí Aríbisálà’s Longthroat Memoirs (January 21, 2017)
  7. Never Look an American in the Eye” A Review of Okey Ndibe’s new memoir (September, 2016)
  8. A Diligent Retelling: Reading Teju Cole’s Essay Collection (August, 2016)
  9. Growing Up Utahn: A Review of Tọ́pẹ́ Fọlárìn’s Caine Prize-shortlisted story Genesis (June, 2016) in Brittle Paper.
  10. On Saraba’s Solitude (June, 2015) Aké Review
  11. A Review of Huchu’s Caine Prize Story By Kola Tubosun (May, 2014)
  12. The Travails of Logan – A Review of “Foreign Aid” (June, 2013) NigeriansTalk
  13. The Fledgling Whispers of a Story – A Review of Abubakar Ibrahim Adam’s short story (June, 2013) NigeriansTalk
  14. No, Not “America”, but Love – A Review (June, 2013) NigeriansTalk
  15. Losing a Faith You Never Had: A Review of “Miracle” (May, 2013) NigeriansTalk
  16. The Children of “Bayan Layi” – A Review of Elnathan John’s “Bayan Layi” (May, 2013)


  1. Studies of Initial Tonal Acquisition by American English Speakers Learning Yoruba (2012) Masters Thesis/Academia.edu


  1. The Role that African Languages Play (November, 2016) TEDxPortHarcourt
  2. African American Studies 20: Kola Tubosun Skype In (November 2016) Harvard University
  3. Kola Tubosun canta in Yoruba al Premio Ostana 2016 (June 2016) Yorùbá Singing at Ostana
  4. Èdè Bí Ìjà (June, 2016) Poem, recorded in Ostana, Cuneo
  5. Kíkú Láàyè (June, 2016) Poem, recorded in Ostana, Cuneo
  6. Launch of Yorùbá Names Dictionary: Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún Speaks (February, 2016) Opomulero TV
  7. What Does Your Yorùbá Name Mean? (February, 2016) London/ACupofKhafi
  8. Linguist Researcher Kola Tubosun discuses project on Yoruba Multimedia Dictionary (February, 2015) SaharaTV
the sail

“The Sail” (Issue 1), an anthology. Whitesands School/Feathers&Ink

Translations Published into Yorùbá

  1. Poem in 136, a publication of 136 translations of a French poem, edited by Bruon Doucey.
  2. Ìjà’gbara Ìdúró: Tàbí Ìdí Tí Àwọn Ènìyàn Fi ń Dìde Rìn/The Upright Revolution: Or Why Humans Walk Upright by Ngugi wa Thiong’o (2016, TBD)
  3. Volta. Poem by Richard Berengarten (November, 2009) International Literary Quarterly. Issue #9
  4. Ọkùnrín tó n dágbé àti ìkookò – The Hermit and the Fox.( 2010) Short story by Klemen Pisk
  5. Sátidé Létí Òkun – Saturday by the Sea (2014) Three Poems by Fred D’Aguiar. Ake Review
  6. Arábìnrin Inú Asọ Ọlọsàn. Short Story by Sarah Ladiipo Manyika (February 2015) Ankara Press Anthology

Poems, Online

  1. Here, Moving” (October, 2006) Sentinel Poetry Issue #49. Winner, Sentinel Poetry Bar Challenge
  2. Four Poems (June, 2007) at Concelebratory Shoehorn Review
  3. Four Poems (December, 2009) African Writer
  4. Two Poems (2009) Maple Tree Literary Supplement: Issue 5
  5. Two Poems (February 2010) Sentinel Nigeria Issue #1.
  6. Three Poems (September, 2015) Saraba Magazine. Includes Audio

Interviews Conducted 

  1. I believe in truth-telling as a pathway to healing” (July 2017): Interview with Títílọpẹ́ Ṣónúgà on AfricanWriter
  2. My repression is as legitimate as your freedom” (February, 2017): A Conversation with Yemisí Aríbisálà
  3. I Just Have Stories to Tell” (May, 2016) Interview with Nnedi Okorafor at AfricanWriter
  4. Searching for the Poetry of a Moment” (June, 2016) | Interview with Eloghosa Osunde at Brittle Paper
  5. There’s a Lot of Ignorance amongst Ourselves“| (June, 2016) | Interview with Uche Okonkwo on KTravula
  6. Interview with Emmanuel Iduma and Emeka Okereke (May, 2016) about the Invisible Borders roadtrip and more, on KTravula
  7. I Give Curisity a Role” (May, 2016) Interview with Yagazie Emezi at Brittle Paper
  8. I Don’t Stumble Upon a Scene” (May, 2016) |
    Ankara Press Valentine Anthology (2015)

    Ankara Press Valentine Anthology (2015)

    Interview with Zaynab Ọdúnsì at KTravula

  9. Èṣù is not Satan” (April, 2016) | Interview with Oriṣà Priestess Ifáwẹ̀mímọ Omítọ̀nàdé in Brittle Paper
  10. “Home is Always a Slippery Word” (November, 2015), interview with Namwali Serpell winner of the 2015 Caine Prize | In Ake Review.
  11. Conversation with Niyi Osundare (November, 2015) in Ake Review 
  12. Interview with Eghosa Imasuen on publishing Ọbásanjọ’s memoir, et al. (August, 2015) at Brittle Paper
  13. Títílọpẹ́ Sónúgà “On Becoming a Poet” | Brittle Paper (January, 2015)
  14. A Prize is Only As Good as Those Who Enter” Lizzy Attree | Ake Review (October, 2014)
  15. In Conversation with Bassey Ikpi  (April, 2014) at NTLitMag
  16. Questions for Emmanuel Sigauke (November, 2013) NigeriansTalk
  17. Conversation with Tade Ipadeola (October, 2013) about the Nigerian Prize for Literature, poetry, Sahara Testaments and others, at NTLitMag
  18. In Conversation with Aaron Bady about Chimamanda Adichie, Caine Prize, Elnathan John and other things literature (July, 2013) at NTLitMag 
  19. Conversation with Tọ́pẹ́ Fọlárìn about Miracle (July, 2013) at NTLitMag
  20. When Aliens Took Lagos (May, 2013) | Interview with Nnedi Okorafor in the UK Guardian
  21. 10 Questions for Mafoya Dossoumon  (January, 2013) NigeriansTalk
  22. Conversation with Rotimi Babatunde on winning the Caine Prize (August, 2012) | at NTLitMag 
  23. Questions for Peter Akinlabi In The Sentinel Champions #3 
  24. Questions for Ivor Hartman (June, 2010) Sentinel Nigeria
  25. 10 Questions for Paula Varsavsky (March, 2010) on 234Next.

Interviews Granted12265561_10153716460739235_8609686896335903877_o

  1. Kola Tubosun – indigenous language advocacy” on Career Linguist Part I (February 8,  2017), Part II (February 15, 2017)
  2. Interview With Yoruba Writer Kola Tubọṣun (October, 2016) Òrìṣà Image
  3. On Using Digital Technology to Counteract Cultural Amnesia (September 2016) Brittle Paper
  4. Interview with Special Ostana 2016 Award Winner… (May, 2016) Chambra D’Oc/Valentina Musmeci
  5. A Stroll with Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún – Ebenezar Wikina  (April, 2016) Huffington Post/SoundCloud
  6. My Immersion in Culture, A Tremendous Asset (February 13, 2016) Tribune Newspaper
  7. Ideas of Identity (December 3, 2015) BBC Radio 4
  8. TEDxIfe Speaker Interview Series – Kola Tubosun (October, 2015) TEDxIfe
  9. A Father’s Apprehensions and Fascinations (September, 2015) Saraba Magazine
  10. On YorubaName.com, Diversity and a Paucity of Women in Governance (June, 2015) Naija Feminista/Ayodele Olofintuade
  11. The Man Behind YorubaName… (March, 2015) Gbenga Onalaja/Tech Cabal
  12. Researcher Kola Tubosun Discusses Project (February, 2015) Sahara Reporters/YouTube
  13. Twitter Can Now Be Translated Into Yorùbá (December, 2014)
  14. Our Voices: Kola Tubosun (August, 2014) The Magazine Club/Joy Isi Bewaji
  15. An Interview with Yoruba Linguist, Kola Tubosun (July, 2014)
  16. Q&A: Ibadan People Have a Republican Mindset (December, 2013) Paul Adepoju
  17. An e-Book is a Book (September, 2013) Global Voices Online
  18. Pirates of Nigeria: Kola Tubosun on Copyright and Intellectual Property (July, 2013) Critical Margins/Jason Braun
  19. Conversation with Kola Tubosun (March, 2011) Nana Freda Agyeman
  20. The ‘Travula’ visits Bookaholic Blog (September, 2009) Bookaholic Blog/Temitayo Olofinlua

News/Reviews About
Quartz Africa (2016) Portrait

  1. “The Yorùbá Guardian”: feature by Ashley Okwuosa in Latterly Magazine (Spring 2017 Issue).
  2. Taking Indigenous languages online: can they be seen, heard and saved? (October, 2016)
  3. A Specially Designed Keyboard Allows Yorùbá and Igbo Speakers to Type Their Languages (September, 2016) Global Voices.
  4. SIUE alumnus named to International Innovator’s List (August, 2016)
  5. Online Dictionary Helps Nigerians Decode Their Names (February 25, 2016) Voice of America.
  6. Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún: On A Mission To Digitalize Yorùbá (February 8, 2016)
  7. Yorubaname.com goes live, to preserve and document all Yorùbá names (January 22, 2016)
  8. The Premio Ostana International Award for Mother Tongue Literature (2016) goes to Nigeria’s KỌ́LÁ TÚBỌ̀SÚN! (January 25, 2016)
  9. Attempted Speech & Other Fatherhood Poems: A Review by Oyin Oludipe (November, 2015) Luxembourg Review.
  10. Kola Tubosun and four other Nigerians among finalists in the 2015 CNN Multichoice African Journalist (September, 2015) | Olisa TV
  11. Nigerian Scholar Creates an Online Home for Yoruba Names (May, 2015) Global Press Journal
  12. Kola Tubosun, The Man Behind Yorubaname.Com, Shows Us The Future (March, 2015) Tech Cabal
  13. Cultural Export (April, 2015) This Day/Solomon Elusoji
  14. Kola Tubosun joins “We the Humanities” as Curator (February, 2015) Sabinews/Jite Efemuaye
  15. Ankara Press Releases Free Valentine’s Day Story Anthology (February, 2015)
  16. This Linguist Is Creating An Online Dictionary Of Yoruba Names (January, 2015)
  17. Twitter Can Now be Translated into Yoruba (December, 2014) Encomium
  18. It Took Only Two Years, But Twitter Is Finally Getting Translated Into Yoruba (November, 2014)
  19. Photo Exhibition (February 2012) Edwardsville Art Centre
  20. Nigerian Fulbright FLTA Shares American Culture and Values (May, 2009)


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