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Photo taken in Ibadan, 2008

KTravula is, primarily, a travel blog.

I started writing here in August 2009 at the beginning of a Fulbright Fellowship and travel experience to the United States, to document my travel, schooling, and teaching experiences. The fellowship ended in 2010, but the blog continued to be a space to reflect and document my thoughts and opinions on my travel, culture, language, classroom experiences, and on other personal thoughts and opinions on current affairs, the field of linguistics, creative writing, and other things I feel passionate about. My full writing/publication history can be found here.

I don’t blog as often as I used to (almost twice a day at some point) because of other professional and vocational commitments (I currently run and curate a dictionary of names at YorubaName.com), but I’ve returned here over and over to put down thoughts I felt are worth sharing, from narratives and pictures from travel experiences to personal essays, strong opinions, and investigative reporting. The blog is updated now at least once a week. I have also featured other people’s opinions on things I care about in creative writing, linguistics, education, travel, language, journalism, politics, and the arts in general through guest posts.  The Writer Sighting project, featuring photos of artists/writers I come across is a pet project to which I also return once in a while.

AjaRead, leave comments (I read them all, and I also respond, eventually), and send me your guest posts on anything of note. I am particular about travel because of the lack of many avenues online to read travel accounts (by Africans) that are engaging and entertaining but not aimed solely for commercial attention. I’m also passionate about (tangible and intangible) cultural heritage preservation and the use of technology.

In 2015, the blog was nominated for the CNN/Multichoice African Journalist Awards for this piece of travel writing about Abẹ́òkuta first published here. It was the first time a blogger was being nominated for the prestigious continent-wide prize. See? Travel blogging finally had its time in the spotlight.

Guest submissions are welcome.


About the Blogger

My name is Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún. 

Until recently, I worked as a Speech Linguistic Project Manager at Google, Nigeria. Before then, I’ve taught as a university professor, high school teacher, and adult literacy volunteer. I’ve also worked as an editor of a literary magazine online, a print literary magazine, and an anthology of high school students’ creative works. I’m passionate about the use of mother tongue in education and in literature, and I’ve done some work in that regard, including harassing Twitter for two years about Yorùbá. I am also working, part-time, with a team of techies, linguists, and other language volunteers to create a Yoruba Names Dictionary as well as a full crowd-sourced Multimedia Yoruba Lexical Dictionary.Kola3

My creative works have been published in Sentinel Poetry Quarterly, Concelebratory Shoehorn Review, Sentinel Nigeria, Klorofyl, Saraba Magazine, Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Subjective Substance, Farafina, 234Next, International Literary Quarterly, The Moth, The Alestle (SIUE), College of Arts and Science publication (CAS), Eye Socket Journal, Ake Review, Nigerianstalk.org, Guardian UK, and elsewhere. You can find more information about my publishing history here.

My professional interests, specialties and curiosities include: Tone, Tonal Phonology, ESL Education, Machine Translation, Language Technology, Fiction, Short films, Poetry, Editing, Literary Translation, Teaching, Linguistics, Writing, Poetry, Creative Non-fiction, Photography, Music, Travel writing, HTML, Volunteer work, Blogging, Language, Language Documentation, Yoruba, Nigerian English, Journalism, Fulbright, United States, History, Geography and Travel.


While the content of the blog is protected by copyright, they can be freely shared and reused on blogs and print publications but only with proper attribution to KTravula.com or Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún. An email request is welcome, but unnecessary.


Contacts (in case you want to read more, contact me, or offer me a job):

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