Africa has it all: epic landscapes, iconic wildlife, natural wonders and an incredible variety of cultures. This beautifully diverse continent also has a romantic side and offers a host of destinations where hopeless romantics can celebrate their love in the lap of luxury.


Zanzibar, the white sand archipelago located off the coast of Tanzania, is the jewel of the African coastline. The soft sand beaches, deep blue waters, mouthwatering cuisine and quaint little streets make you feel like this island was built on romance. Take a stroll through historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of East Africa’s last ancient cities. Zanzibar is home to a number of hotels and resorts. Most interestingly it home to a number of private islands perfect for couples to get away from it all and relax on sun kissed beaches. Try Mnemba Island Lodge, which is a private getaway located on Mnemba Island. This private beach getaway accommodates only 20 guests and is the pinnacle in barefoot relaxation and luxury. Mnemba offers a range of activities for the more adventurous couples such as snorkeling, scuba diving or kayaking trips. If you just want to spend some quiet time with your partner then you can head to your own little private beach, which is yours for the duration of your stay.


The island paradise of Madagascar is surrounding by crystal clear waters and offers an alternative experience for those of you looking for a less popular island destination. It is home to some weird and wonderful creatures and perfect for those of you looking to mix a little more adventure with your romance. Mythological creatures, endangered lemurs, unspoilt beaches and rainforests ensures that Madagascar has a little something to bring out the adventurer in you. Belo Sur Mer is the perfect romantic introduction to the island. This tiny fishing village offers peace and tranquility. It serves as a beautiful home base as you take day trips to the numerous national parks and attractions around the area. If you’d like to take experience the color drenched Baobabs at sunset or the thriving wildlife then stay at Mandrare River Camp. Alternatively you could explore forest-lined coves and secluded beaches at Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge.


South Africa

South Africa is filled with a wealth of opportunities for the romantic at heart. Blessed with beautiful beaches, picturesque mountain ranges, endless vineyards and sprawling semi-desert regions makes South Africa a one-stop destination for honeymooners and romantics alike. Start your trip in Cape Town. Experience the glorious Cape Town sunsets from the shores of one of its idyllic beaches or from the top of the legendary Table Mountain. The Twelve Apostles Hotel, situated along one of the most beautiful shorelines in the world is the ideal spot to cater to all your romantic needs. Those of you looking for something a little different can head inland to the world famous Kruger National Park. This is the true jewel in the South African crown. Home to a multitude of plants and animals, the main attraction is undoubtedly the Big Five. Local Safari Game Lodges offer you unrivaled luxury and a unique safari experiences. It is here that there are so many fantastic places for you and your partner to experience the lives of its many wonderful creatures.


About the Author

Mark Norman grew up on a farm in South Africa and continues to find joy in immersing himself in the great outdoors. Passionate about animals and conservation, Mark is a capable outdoorsman and works at Pondoro Game Lodges where is able to make a living doing the things he loves most. 

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