Artmosphere, one of Nigeria’s leading culture, music and literature events, will host Tanure Ojaide, Poet Laurete and Winner of the 2016 Folon Nicholos Prize, and Sam Omatseye, writer, columnist and Honourary Fellow of the Nigeria Academy of Letters. The event will engage the authors on their most recent works-‘Song of Myself’ by Tanure Ojaide and My Name is Okoro by Sam Omatseye. Other works written by these authors will also be discussed at the event.

‘Song of Myself’ is an offering from the Udje poetry tradion and the stylistic vision of the poet laurete, it talks about a myriad of themes including love, culture, politics, environment amongst others.It also speaks to the history of destruction of the cultural values of the Niger Delta. My Name is Okoro is an alternative narration of the Biafran war from the point of view of the Niger delta. It is the 49th anniversary of the Nigeria civil war,  and yet it remains a ‘no go’ area in national discourse, the novel prods us to take a look at our nation and negotiate the ethnic relations of our landscape.

The event will hold at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan on Saturday, 23rd of July,  2016 by 3pm. It will be moderated by Femi Morgan, curator of Artmosphere and Adémọ́lá Adéṣọlá, a public intellectual, literary critic and book editor. Entry is free. 

Artmosphere is curated as a social enterprise since 2011. It is a book,  arts, music and culture event that has engendered artistic and intellectual, social and political conversations and creating a community of readers and writers. It has hosted the likes of Niyi Osundare,  Victor Ehikhamenor,  Efe Paul Azino,  Túndé Adégbọlá, Chuma Nwokolo,  Aýeọlá Mabiaku, Tádé Ìpàdéọlá, amongst others and has organised creative writing workshops in the city of Ibadan.

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