2015-12-06 19.50.33 2015-12-06 19.50.44 2015-12-06 19.50.56 2015-12-06 19.51.16 2015-12-06 19.51.18 2015-12-06 19.54.15-1 2015-12-06 19.54.16-1 2015-12-06 19.54.16-2 2015-12-06 19.54.18 2015-12-06 19.54.20 2015-12-06 19.54.22-2 2015-12-06 19.54.22-3 2015-12-06 19.54.37 2015-12-06 19.54.40-1 2015-12-06 19.54.40-3 2015-12-06 19.54.46 2015-12-06 19.54.50-1 2015-12-06 19.54.54 2015-12-06 19.55.25-2 2015-12-06 19.55.28 2015-12-06 19.58.24 2015-12-06 19.58.36 2015-12-06 19.59.08 2015-12-06 19.59.43Late Sunday evening (December 6, 2015), after a day of chasing after the new king with known and unknown cues that led us into his new renovated palace at Enuwa, a few minutes drive from the Ilésà Bus Park, I got another tip of his new destination: a location a few minutes’ drive from the Ifẹ̀ toll gate where the construction of the Ifẹ Grand Resorts was about to be flagged off. It is a replica of the Lagos equivalent called Inagbe Grand Resorts.

Already tired from a day of driving and taking in the excitement of the coronation, we demurred a bit, until no longer practicable, and then headed out of the city towards this destination where dignitaries from across the country had come to honour the Ọọ̀ni as he begins this new tourist attraction promised to Ifẹ̀.

As expected, the most conspicuous marker of this location was a pile of hundreds of cars and security convoys parked on either side of the road while their illustrious occupants participated in the flag off events. And luckily for this traveller already done with listening to speeches and other “ceremonial” trappings, we arrived there right at the time when the flag off was completed and the fireworks had begun.

A nice design for the pitch-black evening sky, and a beautiful distraction from the vanity of these visiting dignitaries and their opulent display of luxury, the fireworks and the noise they made as they burst into flames of different colours pleased me for a moment, providing even better satisfaction for the whole weekend. I was able to capture them as much as I could, along with some of the bustle that took place afterwards as the VIPs made their way back into the town, freeing up the highway for travellers to use.

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