IMG_9787I’m currently in Kenya again, after an absence of ten whole years! And how time flies! Last night, the city of Nairobi welcomed me back into its breezy arms like a long-lost friend. I am here for the CNN/Multichoice African Journalist of the Year 2015 Awards, along with journalists from around the continent some of who, like me, have been nominated for this year’s awards, and some who have just been invited to participate in this year’s edition, which is the 20th anniversary.

Whenever I can, I will post updates on my trip here. By some luck, there will also be a couple of significant blog-worthy experiences around Nairobi for which I will be able to write a few long-form travel reports for you, the reader, and possibly for a few other publications. For now, in the comfort of my reunion hug with East Africa, let me go explore.

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