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Happy new year to you! I hope that you’ve been busy. I have.

IMG_6258 - CopyAlong with a few researchers (and with anticipated support from a few institutions), we are proposing to build a multimedia dictionary of Yoruba names. It is a project that has been dear to my heart for a while now, and a continuation of an earlier project from university days. As the name suggests, it will be a dictionary. And being a dictionary, it will have a number of important linguistic, cultural, and artistic resources attached to each entry. We envision a cross between a wiki and a dictionary.

I wrote more about it on the Indiegogo campaign page. Please donate and help make it happen. (UPDATE: I hear that the previous link wasn’t working. I’ve fixed it now. Thanks @hardcorekancil on twitter)

It’s been ten days so far, and we have already been featured at Tech Cabal, WeRunThings and The Cable, and in countless retweets and words of mouth. We thank them! We have also raised about 30% of our target, which is incredible considering the period (after a major spending holiday). We have 50 days to go, so there is still time to chip in no matter how little.

Many of you readers have already heard about the project, and many of you have donated. Thank you. If anyone of you are interested in joining in the campaign in any way (or supporting it in any other non-financial way), please drop me a line at kt at ktravula dot com.

So, what have you guys been up to?

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