IMG_2582IMG_2573IMG_2581IMG_2334IMG_2332IMG_2354IMG_2330IMG_2406IMG_2363IMG_2596IMG_2385IMG_2459Iga Idunganran is the official residence of the Oba of Lagos, located at the northernmost point in Lagos Island. Yesterday, in company of Jeremy Weate (of NaijaBlog/Cassava Republic), Julian Henriques (from the University of London) and wife, and friend and psychiatrist, Mohammed Mustapha from Lagos., I visited the area. We also ran into artist and sculptor, Peju Layiwola.

As much a three-hour leisure walk as it was a historical tour of storied locations in the city’s ancient history, it was also a much appreciated foot-mapping exercise. This is a part of Lagos I had never visited on foot until now. The trip went from the palace gates through the busy streets of Idumota and other ancient corridors of Lagos Island, through the famous Shitta-Bey Mosque, and through Tinubu Square, eventually to the southernmost point by the CMS Church located close to the Lagos Lagoon. It was a lot of history for one day.

Tinubu Square is a long story of its own, from its earlier decrepit state as a homeless shelter among other unsavory roles in the busy spot behind the old Central Bank building. It is now a decent-looking park that offers respite in the middle of such a bubbling environment. This deserves a longer piece, no doubt.

Here are a few shots.

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