WP_20131123_011WP_20131123_012WP_20131123_014WP_20131123_015Saturday night at Terra Kulture, at an event by Nollywood Workshops to introduce GIST – a resource for actors, movie producers, directors, and other movie practitioners. GIST, according to the Nigerian director Bond Emeruwa, is sponsored by a number of collaborators from in and out of Nigeria (and the Gates Foundation) and supporters in Hollywood and Bollywood who have deep and abiding interests in telling stories that carry factual and reliable health information. To achieve the overall aim of making Nollywood (and Hollywood/Bollywood) pay more attention to the veracity of the health claims made (even in passing) by characters in their movies, GIST is providing access to information resources that movie directors, producers, and actors can use before, during, and after the move-making process. It is free.

WP_20131123_010WP_20131123_008At the cocktail were the directors of GIST, including the aforementioned Bond Emeruwa (a TED fellow and a veteran of Nigerian movie industry) as Co-Director, Chris Dzialo, PhD (visiting from Los Angeles), Aimee Corrigan (from Boston), Eke Ume, and Temie Giwa (GHC Fellow and GIST Nigerian Program Manager). The actors present, about fifty of them, included Kunle Afolayan, Emeka Ossai, Tunde Kelani, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Yomi Fash Lanso, among very many others.

More about Nollywood Workshops here and here.

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