IMG_0280IMG_0382IMG_0300IMG_0293IMG_0287I’d refrained from visiting any more beaches in Lagos because my earlier experiences weren’t impressive: crowdIMG_0346ed and unsafe parking lots, extorting touts, exorbitant beers, unsafe environment, dirty sand/vicinity, etc. (I’m talking to you, Bar Beach, Lekki Beach, Elegushi Beach…).

However, what I heard from a trusted friend about the Atican Beach resort convinced me to give it another shot, so I went there a couple of weeks ago. It was one of my most enjoyable beach experiences anywhere. It is clean, safe, private, and has a parking lot that is removed from intruders. Gate fee is 500 naira ($3)

Here are a few pictures. If you ever have the chance, you should pay it a visit. It’s a great place to relax. If you’re a lover of palm wine, this beach is also a good place for a good supply.

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