Fullscreen capture 672013 111018 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 672013 110748 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 672013 110824 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 672013 110929 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 672013 111831 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 672013 112457 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 672013 112547 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 672013 112631 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 672013 112722 AM.bmpHere are photos taken at the exhibition of photos and paintings by Nigerian artist Victor Ehikhamenor.

The exhibition, titled Amusing the Muse, took place between April 27 and May 31, 2013, at Temple Muse, 21 Amodu Tijani street, Off Sanusi Fafunwa, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The artworks beautifully arranged around the premises of the  Temple Muse (which is also an events shop, bookstore, and a fashion & lifestyle showroom), were given names like “I don’t know where to but let’s go”,  “To all the first ladies who love themselves”,  “Coup plotter before shower”, “Your head is correct”, “Home sweet home”, “Mr president after the coup”, “Adam and Eve waiting for a flight out of Eden”, “Your dancing is music inside my head”, “Yesterday and today waiting for tomorrow.”, “Your music is dancing inside my head”, “Nobody came to us”, and “Opportunities in the land of closed doors”.

Of form, the work varied from “Charcoal on canvass” to “Paintforation on handmade paper”, “Charcoal and oil pastel on canvas”, “Ink wash and acrylic on paper”, “Latex paint and charcoal on handmade paper”, and “Acrylic on wood and fabric”.

My interview with Victor has just been published at NigeriansTalk.

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