2013-04-19 10.27.32 2013-05-03 16.07.16 Lagos Roulette 2013-05-03 16.07.53 2013-05-03 09.37.23 2013-05-03 09.36.18 2013-04-30 07.00.25 2013-04-26 15.37.32 2013-04-25 11.56.17 2013-04-26 15.40.05Unless Sony Ericsson makes me an offer I can’t refuse, this is the last time I’ll put a name of their brand on a blog title :).  This caveat is necessary in case anyone begins to wonder whether I’ve already been paid to present the camera of one of their better phones in a good light. From how it has worked with me so far, it seems that I don’t need to do that after all. The product speaks for itself.

However, if I do get an offer to try out any of their even better, newer, Xperia versions, it would be nice to compare what I have to what new functionalities they offer. If Google is listening too, I wouldn’t mind trying a Nexus either.

In any case, this post is about a few photos taken around Lagos, Nigeria. Enjoy.

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