The following is a mail I received from my friend and publisher Maurice Oliver. Please send him an email if you have an audio poem he might be able to use.
Hope all goes well.
You probably already know that Lip-Service Journal will be replacing Eye Socket Journal on the first of next month!
I love poetry and I think I can reach a larger audience with the audio poetry approach. The trial-run of the 1st issue has already had nearly 200 hits in 3 weeks. But I need your help.
I was wondering whether to could connect me with some African poets who have audio tracks of their poetry on Sound Cloud. I need their Sound Cloud homepages and their permission for a one-time publication of 3 tracks that would be featured in an upcoming issue of Lip-Service Journal. The tracks should be recorded separately with the title of each poem indicated in the recording. The homepage should include their name and the city/country where they live. 
I would very much like to include your audio poetry in an issue too! I would enjoy hearing your voice reading your work.
Take a look at the brand new Lip-Service Journal here:
You do have the sign-up for Sound Cloud but the first 60 minutes of recording is free (must upgrade after that).
While you’re in Tumblr take a look at my own personal daily poetry blog at:
I started it back in Sept. and have nearly 800 hits with 14 followers. I’m so proud:-)
Anyway, please help me if you can. I want to start building up a backload of poets for the new literary monthly, this time all audio!
Send to

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