That I am not as free, or as eager, as I would be in a foreign land, to whip out my camera at every available instant in order to take a picture. There is a little reluctance somewhere the source of which I can’t lay my finger on.

2013-04-26 05.57.42On the way to my home is a newly completed highway due to be open sometime soon. The project is still ongoing, and the stretch of the highway is destined towards somewhere farther into the far ends of the state towards a place called Epe. I have observed with impatience, bewilderment, affection, and exasperation as the construction workers toil day by day on the road, causing traffic build-up as they do so inevitably. The road is now done and almost ready for “commissioning” even if that will be done only by commuting tyres rather than an official government representative.

The traveller in me would have documented all the stages of this construction – at least to the best reaches of my camera. And then I remembered that for the better part of the last couple of months, I had no camera to use anyway. The experience with this new Xperia is an encouraging one and I hope to get fully back into this street photography game in earnest. What I have so far impresses me, and that’s a start.

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