download (4)…on President Obama’s historic visit to Israel for the first time in his presidency was going to focus on his peculiar preference on young people as his primary audience and thus a vessel for his message to the rest of the country and the world. It was going to highlight the ingenious characteristic of such address that shuns the insular confines of the Knesset (and old politicians with calcified opinions, ideologies, and voting patterns)  and takes the message directly to the young citizens of the country on whom real change truly rests, and for whom a secure future is something of much significant value than perhaps to those who may not live long enough to see it. (I’m being slightly hyperbolic here, of course, but I hope you get the point.)

Young people are also more idealistic and open to progressive policies which, hopefully, will steer the nation to a more inclusive yet prosperous and secure democracy.

The text of the brilliant, moving speech, is here (via New York Times). Eli Lake of The Daily Beast also has an insightful take on the speech here.

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