I realized, just a few minutes ago, the uselessness of question marks in short text messages. In a world where everything has already progressed towards simplification – with “you’re” becoming “your”, “with” becoming “wit” and “you” ending up simply as “u” for the ease of typing, it just seems perfectly fine that we should just do away completely with the other superfluous punctuations. In any case, the words “who”, “where” or “how” or “what” at the beginning of English questions already tell us that whatever follows will be a question. And so, what I sent in the text was: “where’s my cake”. (And while we’re at it, we may as well get rid of the full stop as well, especially if the text message contains just one sentence.

I realize also that I may actually be the last person in the world who still held on to this piece of peskiness until now. But I should be grateful. It could be worse: I could be writing in Spanish, where exclamation and question marks still come at both ends of the sentence.

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