The latest GOP debate has just ended, with its illuminating moments. It’s one of those times when I had much to do but preferred to spend the time unwinding in front of my computer and television, with another finger on twitter. The United States foreign policy matters to everyone in the world since whoever gets to become president has to sit behind a desk with access to codes that can send nuclear bombs halfway across the world.

In spite of the aggravation I found myself experiencing at different times in the debate when candidates spouted sound bites to rounds of applause, I realize now that it was an important debate. For one, it showed the marked differences between all the men that want to sit in the position of the current president. Governor Romney wants to have a trade war with China. Governor Perry wants to scale back all foreign donations to zero, and Mr. Cain doesn’t have an idea about whether Pakistan is a friend or a foe, and Rep Bachman thinks that everyone wants to blow Israel up with nuclear weapons. I also realize how easy it is from this removed position of mine to scoff their foibles many of which stem from their inability to recognize the complexity of world politics.

In any case, this other news caught my attention and should probably keep me interested in US foreign policy interest for the next couple of weeks.

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