There’s a call for universal observance of a week of mourning in memory of Gen. Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu beginning on Thursday December 1.

In the spirit of reconciliation, use the Flag of the Republic of Biafra as your Facebook profile picture from December 1-6 or at the very least, on Thursday, December 1.

Even if you’re using his photograph now, swipe it for the flag on Thursday.

Remember, Ojukwu was not an Igbo chieftain or warrant chief, never mind all that “Dim Gburugbu” stuff.

He was an illustrious Nigerian soldier and administrator, and a battle General and Head of State of a multi-ethnic, post-colonial African nation whose Ahiara Declaration remains a visionary blueprint for full post-colonial self-determination. As some have pointed out here lately, he was also one of our unique Nigerians, born of parents from both the south and the north: born in the north, raised in the west, and fated to destiny in the east. He spoke all three major Nigerians languages, lived in all three regions, and served Nigeria as proudly before the war as he served Biafra during the war.

Whatever your position on the Biafra war, let’s bid Ojukwu farewell by hoisting this flag one more time. Like America continues to honor Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, let’s join together and honor his memory.

Share this with your friends and on your group walls and listservs. Let’s paint Facebook red, black and green with half of a yellow sun, in one rare moment of unity, and not discord. Thursday, December 1.

Olu Oguibe

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