Some people pass through the world (often without fanfare) and remind us of the value of vision, the importance of perseverance and the gains of bravery. Steve Jobs stuck through with his ideas and vision through thick and thin and the world is not the same again because of him.

I have not used any of Apple’s product beyond the iPod classic which I got in 2009 but I have had a lot of fun with the iPad/iPod phonetic peculiarities at some point in time. I never got around to falling in love with a Mac but I have always admired the ingenuity that went into its design and conceptualization, and the idea of providing an alternative to the PC itself. The iPhone changed the way we use mobile phone forever. An although I would probably be the last ones to get one, it is hard to knock the great vision that went into its production, design and marketing.

Another great inventor is gone. The world would never be the same. The iPhone 4Gs should probably be called the iPhone 4G-Steve now, and deservedly so.

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