The Occupy Wall Street protests began like a joke. I remember the folks at The Five on Fox News deriding them for seeking just an avenue to party (since the first day of their protest happened to be a weekend when there wasn’t going to be plenty activity). A few days later, it has become a movement now too large to ignore. A version of the protests is now taking place in almost every major city. The nearest one to me is called “Occupy St. Louis”.

Louder now than the lack of cohesion in the list of demands that the protesters want however is the fact that there has been a substantial police crackdown on protesters. They have been maced and pepper-sprayed while many have been arrested, and some eventually released for breaking laws regarding public protests. The Tea Party protests started like this, albeit with older and well-to-do people in funny clothes. While the Tea Party however evolved eventually into a political force, it has been suggested that this might be the exact Liberal equivalent.

And while it is unlikely that a sitting president is removed through these public protests as it happened in Egypt, it is inspiring to see people get out and demand for change, especially as regards Wall Street and the people who led the nation’s financial system to disaster. It is equally impressive to see how much stronger the movement is getting in spite of a media bias especially on the political right. I look forward to a day when one thing as simple as a public protest can be seen as the same thing by all parts of the country: as a genuine response to frustration and a demand for change and accountability.

A Question: Will I be arrested if I go see the protests in St. Louis if only to take pictures and speak with the protesters?

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