With Love from my Toto*


Did they not chook** me with their cacti

and fill me with bilious waste – those

whose scrota should be jaundiced with

stings from wayward bees?


Did they not claw me with callous talons

and grip my vexing veins – those

whose hands will remain guests

to rheumatoid rust?


Did they not mock my wailings

and cause my teeth to gnash – those

whose nights should witness

harmonies of terrors and bitterness?


Did they not defile my thighs

and maul my breasts – those

whose paths will forever

quake with anguish?


Did they not tear me apart

and watch my navel suffocate – those

who should be bobittised with blunt scalpels?


Some pricks should be snacks for hungry hyenas.

poem by Chris Ogunlowo ***


 *          Nigerian Pidgin for vagina.

* *        The equivalent of fuck in Nigerian Pidgin English, usually used to exaggerate coital thrust.

***       Written in response to the recent infamous rape case that went viral in Nigeria last week. Chris is a Nigerian blogger and copywriter.

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