Playing video poker online is fun, but playing at the best poker rooms in the world is amazing. Determining the best poker rooms in the world is easy, especially considering all of them are based in the United States. There are a few new US poker rooms on this list, as well as some classic options. This list also contains the best choices for those who like to play poker online.

Live Poker Rooms

1. The Bellagio – This is the classiest poker room in existence. It’s also the most comfortable and best run poker room in the world. However, it’s not the right choice for everyone. The stakes are high and getting into the games is only possible if you have money.

2. Commerce Casino – If you’re a fan of great poker tournaments, this is the poker room for you. It’s possible to buy-in for a moderate amount and go home a millionaire. There are also 200 tables, so finding a good game is easy. The more tables, the more fish.

3. Foxwoods – This is used to be #1. It’s still the biggest casino in the world, but they made a mistake with the poker room. The poker room used to be upstairs. Being able to look out enormous windows at an expansive forest was a very neat atmosphere. Then they chose to move the poker room downstairs, which is dark and ugly. Even the bathrooms are tiny downstairs. If Foxwoods was smart, they would change it back to the way they had it before. However, the action here is still great.

4. The Mirage – If you want a plain and simple poker room with a lot of games and friendly people, this is the place to play. There is nothing extraordinary about the poker room at The Mirage, but it’s still a very enjoyable experience. They don’t try to go over the top. They focus on service, comfort, and convenience. Not to mention they also host the most fired up blackjack tournaments in the world with the best of the best always showing up every year.


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