“Unconfirmed reports that forces loyal to Cameron are attacking rebels in Trafalgar square.” – As seen on twitter (@ssafac)

Watching and reading daily news, I am wondering if this is the future we have all been preparing for. (No, not you already above thirty-five, please 🙂 ). First Tunisia, then Algeria, and then Egypt, and Bahrain, and Libya. And Nigeria. And Wisconsin. And now London. Young people all over the world are standing up to define what their generation is going to look like. There is a pleasant bubbling feeling in my gut that goes with thinking about it all. I bet it must feel like this during the Industrial Revolution too.

There are snags though, for me: the still unclear role of the American might in Libya, the Saudi role in suppressing the Bahrain uprising, the silent “educated” population of Zimbabwe still dithering under Mugabe, Lauren Gbagbo’s iron fist over Ivory Coast, Moammar Gadaffi’s very elaborate family connection all over Libya, and the greed and tribalism that sometimes raises their ugly heads in my own homeland, among many others. What is promising however is the prospect of a new world, under which our children will grow, where the pursuit of happiness and the determination of our destiny would be in the hands of a new generation of well informed youths. Here is the beginning, it seems, and it is fuelled by the Information Revolution.

Forty years from now, I look forward to seeing the new kind of world we would have built by that time. In our hands, the youths of today, are the keys to that future in India, China, Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, Korea, Japan, Haiti, Tibet, Benin, Iraq, and several other places in need of a new direction to the future out of the hands of the old, tired hands. The biggest challenge, of course, is being able to transition into a long period of stability and concrete global direction without a debilitating period of war the type that defined the post Industrial Revolution era. Maybe this Information Revolution will come with it the tools of negotiating world peace without bloodshed that the world has always seen. Again, now I’m mostly curious, yet jubilant that at least the generational hand of the clock is moving, and it is touching all corners of the globe as it must, one after the other. There’s something good about that.

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