I realized two days ago just how many cars are on campus, and I can’t count them. In the parking lot behind my building on campus, there is a long row of cars that fill up everyday before ten o’clock. As every late comer knows, you would never find a place to park if you get there a minute later, and we are talking of just one parking lot. Our campus has dozens of them, and each of them fills up to the brim during busy campus hours. It’s unbelievable. For students whose graduate classes take place at night and end very late, there is an added disadvantage. Waking up late makes sure that you don’t get a parking space close to the building, and finishing classes late ensures that you never get the right parking space close to your apartment either. It’s a lose-lose. The first time I parked anywhere but the designated spot for my apartment residents, I woke up to find a fine ticket on windshield the next morning.

In any case, I’ve cycled to school two days ago, and hope to do so again for as long as I can. It feels good, it’s healthy, and it gives a chance to experience the beauty of the bike paths all over again.

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