It didn’t promise to be easy, so it wasn’t. It even took taking turns moving the Nissan beast across the stretch of tar from one end of the state to the other, but we did make it here in one piece. “Here” is Kansas City – a city that stretches across two state boundaries. (It didn’t make much sense at first that Missouri would have two big cities on the two ends of its stretch from east to west). The part of the city that is replicated after much of Rome and Paris is on the Missouri side of the state line while the other side that gets the “What the hell are you looking for out there” is in the state of Kansas from where I’m typing this, my back against the soft sheets of a cozy but affordable hotel bedroom. One good thing about being in a remote part of the country is the affordability of the hotel rooms. Now that’s it…


We did stop by at the Westminster College at Fulton (MO) to see the spot where Winston Churchill delivered his “Iron Curtain” speech. It was such a delight. More than just a private college, the campus bears many markers to the prominence of Churchill’s 1946 visit to the place. A larger than life sized casting of the man stands at the back of the Westminster church (pictured above with three of my c0-travellers). There is an enormous collection of pictures, videos, short films and documentaries, and artifacts in the Churchill museum (even though, now that I think about it, I doubt that it was called the “Churchill museum”). It all put the progress of the world from the First World War to the Second one, and later to the Cold War, into perspective, especially from the role of Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Truman, and Hitler. It was such an awesome place to see. After taking plenty pictures, we took off and headed off to Kansas City. Later today, we’ll complement our knowledge at the World War I memorial in the city.

The other parts of the evening that include dancing cowgirls, drunk young men, delicious fries and cole slaw, cool drinks, warm patios, unexpected faces from Edwardsville, music, dance and laughter will remain impossible to adequately express so I won’t even try. Not tonight at least with sleep bags under my eyes. I’ll just go to bed. Thank you for reading my rants. The daily stats on the blog has always amazed me.

Greetings from flyover country, halfway across the land.

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