In the absence of time to tell you a few things on my mind, how about I introduce you to a photoshoot with one of my newly acquired friends. His name is BooBoo, and he lives somewhere in Glen Carbon getting all the petting deserving of a helpless coon as himself.

We had this little shoot sometime last week while enjoying the beautiful weather outside. On the other side of the camera at the time of this wonderful shoot was his brother, called Boo, a more mischievous but younger version of BooBoo who won’t even sit in one place enough for me to take his picture. He reminds me of Garfield, and sometimes thinks of himself as a dog.

Well, there. I’ve blogged.

PS: My love for cats started just last year. All the ones I’d met before then were never patient enough to let me get to know them.

PPS: This one is not mine, but it hasn’t stop us from being friends.

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