It will be another “month after” youknowwhat by the 18th of this month, and I want to take this moment to say it’s been a great pleasure ride of new experiences. It’s a travelogue, right? So everything I observe has to be in line with the overall acceptance of the transience of every passing situation and the potential of every little event to illuminate, to entertain and to inform. Thinking back, I think the best decision I made was to keep the blog open after the first long travel experience. Sometimes when I go back into the blog archive, I myself get amazed at the kind of things I read from myself, things that I’ve forgotten that I wrote, but which bring back a sweet memory.

Overall, I find it interesting that everything in life can actually be situated in a travelogue frame, considering that we are all travellers in one way or the other. So that whether or not I move from where I am, the progress of life constitute a kind of parallel journey out of which to draw whatever strength needed to move on and about. Hopefully, it only gets better.

So any new observations about the United States so far? No, except that studies have threatened to totally drown my creativity and leisure space. Or am I growing too old? I’d better steal myself back before grey hairs sprout up to compete with those on the president’s head. Well, see you guys around. I just wanted to leave a few words. And please do keep coming back 😉

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