Maybe I should just say I hate cities because Lagos is not such a big city (except by population) yet it has succeeded in riling me up enough to write this while battling headache and fever induced no less by a few days of activities in its rowdy belly. There is always an underlying assumption by residents of cities, I now believe, that they live in a concrete jungle and that the only way to survival is to live by the jungle rules. I talk of noise, of course, and a general rowdiness that always, always disorientate, or at best push one to a resolve never ever to return to that scene of madness except in a cocoon that blots out the noise, the long traffic, and the general lawlessness on the road of stressed office workers trying to get home in time for the latest edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

I bet New York is like that too. Darn, count me out for now. I’m going back home to take paracetamol and some malaria drugs, and then to bed.

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