Pacing idly, and sometimes with valuable purposes around the dusty streets of the city of our childhood, I remember you there a little centimeters taller. That has changed now. I bet you would strain your neck just to give me a peck on the cheeks.

Do you remember Gbagi? What of Akobo, Sogo, Omojola, Baba Baale, Lanko-Lanko, Falusi, Iya Lararo, Imafoje, Ore? What about Basorun, F’Ogbon Yo, En’balaya, Dele Tomori and the lovely Christmases at the Broadcasting House? Do you remember Orita Obele? What about Oba Ile, and the day you peeled your calf almost to the bone because you wanted to shave with daddy’s shaving stick? That was freaky, seeing the white of your flesh before it turned red all over the bathroom floor. Do you still picture Fatom, Stay-fit and Deol? Then there was that day when that old governor gave you and I a hundred naira in 1990 or so. Well, I’ve now given my own part to charity :). I think it was to the guy at the airport in May who wanted some “American gift” from me when I returned. Or something like that.

Well, well, the days go by fast, don’t they? Laitan can’t even remember half of it now. And there you are all grown up and mummy-like. A small-sized big-shot but still not beyond some good old carrying and spinning. And I will carry you again. Let Leke and Jolaade go find their own sisters to carry around ;).

Happy Birthday lovely sister. I hope you had a wonderful day.

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