This is a scheduled post as I am not online at the moment. Please refer to the previous post.


Here are twenty-two posts, two randomly selected from each of the last preceding months. They are not my favourites, but they are some of the most memorable for the months. It took me valuable time deciding on which two make the cut this time since I had about forty-six to choose from. There are so many of them that I loved but had to leave behind. Enjoy these, and if you can, please leave comments on them. Happy Fourth of July to readers in the United States.

Travelling June 9.

A Case for Blogging June 5

Time Lapse May 3

Eighteen Bottles May 21

Literally Disengaging April 11

A Different Kind of Hoe April 20

Sauce for the Gander March 21

Tuesday March 16

Mardi Gras, St. Louis February 14

An American in England February 25

iSkits January 28

Just Like Old Times January 11

I Was Very Close December 9

On That Nigerian Guy December 27

A Soup and a Yam November 25

Thinking Back November 1

Pumpkin October 12

It’s Global Warming, Stupid October 12

Hollow Friday September 13

The Second Class September 3

Discovering Scott Joplin August 26

Mosquito August 15

Random Posts


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