My visit around (some parts of) the country could not have been possible if not for support, solicited and unsolicited by many people along the way. Half of the trip was motivated by impulse so I really appreciate the help of friends and colleagues who welcomed me with open arms without reservation, and were willing to be at my beck and call for the past three weeks.

There was Dr. Shaban in Ife, Anja and Yun Hsin at Ikare, Prof and Mrs. Oyebade at Akungba, Peter, Chiedu and Bode at Ilorin, Laolu and Mr. Olaniyan at Abuja, Zainab, Samson and Comfort in Kaduna, Alben at Nassarawa; Rotji, Yilrot and Joshua in Jos, and everyone who sent me helpful tips on Facebook, some of which I used, and some that I didn’t. Thanks should also go to Yemi, Chris, Laitan and Godwin who bailed me out when I needed their help.

So now, I’m back in Lagos for the weekend, and what did I see? A bus from the Island carrying me and a host of other passengers ran out of fuel right in the middle of the supposed longest bridge in Africa: The Third Mainland Bridge. For thirty minutes, we were there waiting for him to go to the mainland and find fuel. I spent much of the time taking pictures of the bridge and the water which was something I’d always loved to do anyway. It wasn’t such a waste of time after all, and I didn’t succeed in falling into the lagoon. That would have been a poetic end to a journey around the country.

In any case, I’m back, more refreshed. How have you all been?

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