Q: What really have you been up to?

A: Many of them are really personal, family stuff. I have also taken steps to properly “graduate” from the University. This includes a very long and tedious process of undergoing “clearance” from almost every section of the University – Sports, Alumni etc. Yesterday, I got my certificate, but discovered that my name was written with an extra “N” in a wrong place, again. Sigh.

I’ve also been watching Michael Moore. Two days ago, it was Capitalism, a Love Story, a really enlightening documentary. Yesterday, it was “Bowling for Columbine.” I’m not done with that yet. When I am, I’ll be onto “Sicko”. Michael Moore is one of my favourite film makers. He is an inspiration, and I like the way he takes on issues. If I ever make movies someday, I’ll be borrowing so much of his ideas. The very moving last scene of Capitalism, a Love Story has him drawing a “Crime Scene – Do not Cross” tape around Wall Street. Then he made a bullhorn announcement for all the CEOs to come down and voluntarily arrested for defrauding the nation. I recommend the movie to everyone.

Q: Who is your next favourite team in the World Cup since the exit of the Nigerian Super Eagles?

A: I support the USA (of course) and Ghana. The US because they have not been known as a football-playing nation (I know they call it “soccer”), yet they have been spectacular in the tournament. I hope they go far. Maybe it will reduce some of the craze for American Football :). I support Ghana because they have also been quite spectacular, and of course since they’re the only African team left in the competition. But here is my dilemma: Ghana will be playing with the United States in their next match, and one of them must be knocked out. I will have my fingers crossed for that one.

Q: So when are you coming to a city near me, as you promised?

A: Soon. One other new discovery I’ve made is that it is more costly, and tedious to move around the country without a private helicopter or a travel grant. Still, the plan is on course, very much. Are there particular places in Nigeria that you’d like me to visit? And why?

Q: Where will you be this weekend?

A: Maybe at the Bookjam event in Lagos. Will you be there?

See you guys around.

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