I was going to wait until the events were over, but I might as well do it now. The results were announced on Monday.

Best Beauty Blog Bella Naija

    Best Daily Read Verastically Livin
    Best Designed Blog: Ego Du Jour

    Best Entertainment Blog: Linda Ikeji

    Best Fashion or Style Blog: One Nigerian Boy

    Best Food Blog: My Kitchen (Ms. O)

    Best Group or Collaborative Blog: Myne Whitman Writes

    Best Health, Fitness or Sports Blog: 9ja Gunners

    Best Music Blog: Not Just Ok

    Best New Blog: Ego Du Jour

    Best News or Magazine Blog: Linda Ikeji

    Best Parenting Blog: It Was So Much Easier When I Only Had One (Solomon Sydelle)

    Best Personal Blog: Sting

    Best Personal Development Blog: Light Her Lamp (Jaycee)

    Best Photography Blog: Tunji Sarumi

    Best Poetry Blog: The Talkaholic (Harry)

    Best Political Blog: Black Looks (Sokari Ekine)

    Best Religion Blog: Light Her Lamp (Jaycee)

    Best Science or Technology Blog: Loy Okezie

    Best Student Blog: Leggy

    Best Travel Blog: Jide Salu Diary

    Best Use of Media, including Social Media: Myne Whitman Writes

    Best Use of Theme: Black Looks (Sokari Ekine)

    Best Writing or Book blog: Myne Whitman Writes

    Most Controversial Blog: Truth Don Die

    Most Humourous Blog: Nice Anon

    Most Inspiring Blog: Le Dynamique Professeur

    Most Intellectual Blog: Rethots

    Most Unique Voice: Rethots

    Nigerian Blog of the Year: Myne Whitman Writes

Congratulations to all the winners. All those interested in Nigerian thoughts should check out some of those blogs, and experience some of Nigerian best. I particularly liked Black Looks which I was discovering for the very first time. I hope to check out the other blogs too. If I find something interesting, I’d definitely let you know.

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