For those following this blog and the World Cup 2010 going on in South Africa, the following might come in handy. New words…

1. “Kaitastrophy” (as seen on Facebook): Derived from the name of the Nigerian player who got the team’s first red card due to a misbehaviour. Usage: “What a kaitastrophy!” or “What a kaitastrophic performance/act.”

2. “KTravuzela” or “KTravuvuzela” or “Travuzela” (coined): A musical instrument almost like the horn used for celebration and jubilation. It is more musical and less noisy as the South African vuvuzela. The problem is, it is in short supply, and can only be blown around the Traveller. Usage: “Would you like to blow my KTravuvuzela?” There are usually no double entendres intended.

PS: The Nigerian team is not out yet, so I bet there will me more opportunities to make up more words as the game progresses. Go Mexico. Go USA! Go Nigeria.

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