This is a rather late update since the month began, I realize. Please forgive. I’ve been shuttling between towns and responsibilities.  But June is already here, what are we going to do about it? We can sit and watch it go by as it will inevitably do, or we can sieze each day and make it count?  I’ll personally go for the former. Gotcha, I bet you didn’t see that one coming! 😀

I cut my hair today, and I’m looking fresh. And young. Gone are the grown bushes of Edwardsville on and around my head. I’m now a good looking man with tufts of beard in the right places.  When the wind blows, I feel the waft of peace drive by around my head. Ha, lest I forget, I cut my hair for the equivalent of $2. Back in my “barber’s shop” in Edwardsville, we’re talking $15, and that’s without a complimentary lunch. Take that, barber’s shop!

Did you hear of the joke of a man who walks into a barber’s salon and looks through the list on the wall? The list read: Haircut= 200 naira, Shaving= 100 naira, Waves= 500 naira etc. So when the barber looks at him finally and asks: how do you want your haircut? The poor man looks again at the list, then at his pocket. Then holding out only a hundred naira note, he responds: “Barber, I’d like you to shave my head!”

What I intend to this month is to travel. Yes, you heard right. So get prepared. The traveller is coming to a town, city, village or hamlet near you with a knapsack bag an ipod and a little camera. It’s time for some adventure. Have a wonderful month.

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