The First Storey Building in NigeriaBeginning my promised trip to yet undiscovered places in Nigeria, I took a long overdue trip to the slave town of Badagry on Sunday in company of a friend. It was an educative and enlightening experience that took us to the first storey building in Nigeria where the bible was first translated, the house in which the Amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria was signed, and a house now used as the Badagry Heritage Museum that was built in 1863.

We also saw the slave relics, and I got to try on some of the chains and manacles – a very moving experience. Then we saw the Brazilian baracoons where the slaves were kept before being shipped, and we saw the grave sites of the many influential figures in the slave trade. Then we went to the lagoon front and enjoyed the breeze while pondering history.

Enjoy these few pictures from the experience while I write a more detailed  report. I’ll put up more pictures when I have the time.

Photos by Liz Ughoro

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