Out of fear that I may abandon this blog after my programme is complete, a friend suggested that I feature the some of my favourite post from over the past eight months and almost four hundred posts. That I will do beginning from this week. The most popular posts are already automatically listed on the right hand tab. But as has happened a few times on this blog, my favourite, or the most commented, sometimes do not always make it is to the list. So here we are. My top five favourites for this week. I sometimes go back to read them once in a while. What are your favourites?

A Short History of My Face

On the Origin of Names

How I Discovered the Value of a Quarter


This Step, This Spot – A poem

PS: I just heard some horrible news about volcanic clouds all over Europe that is making it impossible for airplanes to fly. For me who would be going home via France (a welcome departure from the rudeness of London’s Heathrow Airport), I am worried. I do not want anything that will have to make me fly for 13 straight hours directly from the US to Nigeria. I don’t believe that anyone should stay for that length of time in the air, and definitely not someone with long legs and a resentment for cramped spaces.

Random Posts


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