Only one of the following is an April fool joke.

  1. Cougar Village will kick me out of my residence after the 7th of May and I’ll have to find somewhere else to live.
  2. Mafoya has got himself a car.
  3. Ben has moved out to downtown Edwardsville leaving the whole apartment to me alone.
  4. I have lost my wallet with all its cash and cards on campus, and got it back.  Here it is. I have never lost my wallet, and I doubt that I’ll get it back if I do. I have however lost my gloves and winter hat. I lost it on campus and have never got it back!
  5. One of my host parents will undergo surgery sometime later this month.
  6. I have plans to visit Chicago for one more time before I leave this region.
  7. I have books by four Nobel Prize for Literature winners in my room at the moment.
  8. I shot a one minute video for CNN on the 20th March, here.
  9. A new friend of mine – an American – on Sunday referred to Iran as Irania.
  10. In response to my letter, Western Union will offer 50% discount for two days in April to any part of the world.

As per #10, Western Union will indeed be offering a 50% discount to everywhere in the world on the 6th and 7th. From what I’ve heard from their representative, this is perhaps the most they can bend. Therefore, anyone – Nigerians or not – who want to send money to their loved ones anywhere can do so at a 50% off for two days in April. There is already a hint on their Facebook page. I’m guessing that a detailed announcement will come soon.

Gotcha! Thanks for participating.

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