Of course I have. So what? All those fatty greasy foods have not all just totally disappeared into my system without a fight. From staying up on my bum for too long in the apartment, and working on the computer in a single spot where – in a different clime – I would have had to walk a short distance to get to the internet, and from a generally conditioned sedentary lifestyle that is not totally in my hands to change, I must have let myself go. I looked in the mirror a few day ago and found patches of flesh on my cheeks, and in different, previously ignored parts of my body’s frame.

Being a naturally restless fella, the effect of this gradual transformation has not been too devastating. What would it have been like if I didn’t have a bicycle, and I rode in the bus all the time, sitting in one spot for much of the day? Today, I can still recognize my own face and body frame in a sea of crowds, and most people who last saw me eight months ago would most likely still be able to recognize me now. But when I stand up and walk, I am not oblivious to the little drag that could only have been conditioned by weight. How did that happen? When I first got here, I weighed about eighty kilograms (176 lbs). I have not weighed myself since then to measure the fattening effect of fast food on me, but I am sure that it might be approaching 200lbs. Oh, damn you Papa John’s pizza ๐Ÿ˜€ !


So we had a little discussion on weight in class yesterday which started from my curiosity about whether it is such a big deal to ask male friends if they’ve gained weight or not. I’m already aware of the strict unwritten laws against even remotely mentioning that one’s female friends looked a little bigger since the last time you saw each other. But what about male friends? Apparently – from consensus – it is the same for males as well. Very nice. But why didn’t I get the memo on this ahead? Why did I have to learn this hard truth the public arena of an American classroom? Come on, I tease my brother about his weight gain all the time!

Oh well, I’m on a new quest to discover the extent of my current weight. And God help that Nigerian friend of mine who is the first to comment that I have grown bigger. Consider this a fair advanced warning right now in the interest of our friendship and your jaw bones: DO NOT! ๐Ÿ™‚ #okthanksbye. We are clear.

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