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Actually,  I got up at around 4am in the morning to follow the #EnoughisEnough youth rally in Abuja Nigeria through the web video stream. I lost interest after a while, and not only because after about three hours, I couldn’t see the live video from the event anymore, or that my eyes were closing by themselves, but because I was also getting blood pressure increases from the procession of the protest, and it’s direction. As much a success as I will always agree that the event is because of its being eventually able to get the youths off their bases to make their grievances known in person, after a while, it failed to rouse me to the level of total and reckless surrender. Why? After a while, the purpose of the march seemed reduced to one purpose of getting into the National Assembly, and/or getting the elected representatives in the National Assembly to show up and address the crowd. This was not only unnecessary, it was distracting. I could be wrong but rallies have been known to be effective without being confrontational.

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