Today has lived up to it’s blue expectation. It rained almost all day, and the weather was gloomy. It is not the kind of rain that comes down in torrents and lets the sun out afterwards. It is one of those kinds that never stops dripping. The ground was wet all day long and the sun refused to come out. Now, I think I understand more why there is so much weather references in American novels that I have read.

I also got this book in my mail: The World is What It Is by Patrick French. Somehow, it seems that I am always struggling to catch up with literary trends these days. The book was published two years ago, and it is the authorized biography of V.S. Naipaul. Talking of book ordering online, last week when I got my copy of Paula Varsavsky’s No One Said A Word in my mailbox, I found that it had the stamp of a public library in it, and that drove me crazy. Yes to save money, when I buy from Amazon, I sometimes buy used instead of new ones, but I have never expected that I would be sold books that were “borrowed” from a public library. I am surely missing something here, and I don’t know what it is. Can you help? And more, what am I supposed to do? Return it?

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