“Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.”

Dear Lord, Take very good care of mum now. She’s sixty today!

So let every day of her life be filled with joy and with peace,

And with contentment, and love of her children, and friends.

And grant her the happiness she deserves, wherever you are.


Dear Lord, grant mum long life, more pleasant days, and prosperity.

(I know I don’t care for too much money, but I am not her, you know.)

Remember how solid a rock she has always been for us. An optimist.

Even within adversities, and days of dark uncertain clouds, she stood firm.


Dear Lord, wherever you are, let me be sixty years old too someday.

And when that day comes, let me still be strong, and happy, and healthy,

and hopeful, like my mother today, in the joy of a bright beautiful day.

And, like her today, let me be able to deserve all the love and warmth.



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