Here are pictures taken at the St. Louis City Museum last night where five of us from different countries had gone to spend the evening. There was Reham the Egyptian, Abdiel the Haitian, Chris the American, Stephanie the Taiwanese, and Kola the Traveller.

It wasn’t such a museum as it was a sorta playground. But it is a museum in the sense of the artifacts that it houses. Most of the attraction in the building is from the caves, tunnels and mazes that the it contains. And this could explain why there are more kids and young folks there than adults.

One more observation: A non-Egyptian would look at the clay mould in this picture and conclude that it is indeed a Pharaoh head, but Reham disagrees totally. “What is this?” she asked, genuinely amazed, and we were immediately amazed too. “I thought it was a pharaoh,” I said. “No,” she replied, shaking her head. “The pharaohs don’t have ear rings, neck bracelets and this kind of head.” Interesting. “I guess it is an American pharaoh!” I replied.

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