Spring has (un)officially begun where I am, and you can tell. You can tell from the energy of the geese, the rustle of leaves, the glare of the sun and the coolness of the wind. The trees haven’t got their leaves back, but from this change of weather, we know for sure that Spring is on its way. It is here. I went out yesterday and felt the glare of the sun. For the first time in months, I saw so many people outside. At the lake behind my residence, there were at least two people fishing because the lake is not frozen anymore. It now runs like a fresh spring. It is beautiful. But, it is still fifteen degrees celcius. In Nigeria that is the temperature at Christmas. I told someone that and he laughed uncontrollably. Yes, it is hot for you Americans.

It is a fine day, and I like it very much. I won’t wear thermal pants or closed shoes anymore, and I can stay outdoors lying on the grass with my back to the floor and my face turned up to heaven for as long as I want, as long as this feeling remains, almost like another Christmas in the month of March.

Welcome Spring. We’ve been waiting for you.

At least something to take the mind off the horrible images of carnage reeking across from the distance of the Atlantic!

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