10. You may actually get sleepless nights and withdrawal symptoms.

9. You will miss a couple of important work deadlines.

8. New hard drives cost money, and you will have to wait for days, go through frustrating customer service phone responses, before you get it back.

7. You may not remember any/all of the things you’ve lost with it.

6. Everyone thinks it serves you right for not backing it all up when you had the chance. The rest don’t just give a damn. 😉

5. Your students’ grades, results and records might be in it, and you will have to work double hard to get them all back.

4. You will never get back poems, skits, writings, translations in their original forms again.

3. The Geek Squad at BestBuy and all of their good brains may not be able to recover any of your lost data.

2. The computer in your office may be occupied everytime you want to use it.

1. By losing Skype with your hard drive, you might miss your mum’s birthday party.

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