10. If you’re a workaholic, you will get a few more hours of sleep afterwards.

9. You will have an excuse to be lazy and late on work deadlines.

8. You will have a reason to get new up-to-date softwares, sometimes free from the University.

7. You will get to know the workings of Dell’s (or your computer’s manufacturer’s) customer service.

6. You may get to know who loves you and who doesn’t. 😉

5. You will learn new lessons on how not to use a laptop (e.g. leaving it on all night playing music)

4. You will appreciate the value of $65.05 and five gruesome days of waiting.

3. You will be rid of all the junk in your computer that you have always wanted to delete but didn’t have the required gut, time or patience to delete.

2. You get to read more books.

1. You will get to spend more time with the rest of humanity for a little while.

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