* A campus theatre workshop on campus from Friday 19th to Sunday 21.

* African Cultural Night on the night of Saturday 20th.

* The new Sentinel Nigeria Magazine debut which features some of my poems, and photography.

* Thousands of Haitian children, and helpless orphans. Yesterday, a classroom wall broke and fell on a bunch of school children killing four of them.

* A new external hard drive.

* An article for the Fulbright newsletter.

* A talk on Friday by Argentinean writer Paula Varsavsky.

* At least one article for the New York Times or the Washington Post. Or both.

* A Youtube video featuring the three-time Emmy winner Bobby Norfolk performing his story-telling.

*  An exhibition of photography on campus, and at St. Louis.

* A continuation of departmental talk series: “India: A Plethora of Languages and Cultures” on Wednesday 17th February.

* A coming talk, along with Reham, to senior citizens at Edwardsville on Ibadan and Cairo, in March.

* Spring break, and a possible trip to Miami, Florida.

* More guest posts.

Random Posts


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