Yesterday was special in the history of this blog because we set a new (world)  record of hits and visitor numbers. You will understand why this memorable when you realize that the last time we had a record number of visit was December 27th when I published my opinion on the Nigerian guy who tried to take down the plane. Yesterday, that record was surpassed by about a hundred more visits. Can you believe that?

So what was the topic that turned my blog into a mecca of visits and contribution? You guessed it: another potentially terrorizing topic – women’s hair. Apparently, it is deserving of more than one posts, thus my decision to write this one.

Fact #1. Women care so much about their hair

Fact #2. Women don’t like people to tell them what to do with their hair.

Fact #3. Women’s hair is serious business.

But instead of rehashing the issues raised in this wonderful discussion, I will refer you to the post again to read and leave your comments, but not before I refer you to read Clarissa’s take on her hair adventures and ordeals. Apparently, Africans or Americans are not the only ones with which growing one’s hair in the natural state is a statement of revolt or rebellion. Far back in the Soviet Union, school children were punished for wearing their hair long. Clarissa had told me this during the coffee get-together with the Argentinean writer, and I had expressed my interest in the topic believing that it should be explored some more in detail. Why for instance did the Soviet rulers think that women’s hair represented luxury or militated against the state victory over capitalism. Needless to say, I like it when Clarissa writes about her growing up and how the system in the Europe of her youth influenced her thoughts and perception of life as an adult.

Fact #4. This interesting discussion on women’s hair is not likely to end today, or soon, but I like it.

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